Faye Owen, MSc. CABC

Behavior History Forms

The behavioral history forms on this page are tailored for each of the three most common species we see in the practice: dogs, cats and horses.


The histories provide detailed information on a variety of aspects of your pet's normal life as well as his or her problems.


This information, when provided prior to consultations of any type (telephone or in-home) gives the clinician the information they need in order to help with a diagnosis, and to start preparing a behavioral modification plan.


The behavior history form must be filled out and returned prior to any consultation. This then makes sure that the actual consultation time is devoted to observations, interactions, challenges, diagnosis, explanation of behavior traits, development of the treatment plan and if applicable, any practice of practical elements of the plan.


The following forms are in WORD format - if you need them in another format, please contact us.


If we feel we cannot help you or that you cannot or will not be able to follow the necessary program, we will do our best to refer you elsewhere.

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