Faye Owen, MSc. CABC

We are dedicated to making a humane change

Animal Harmony LLC is owned and operated by a qualified Animal Behaviorist, with consultant advice from an Animal Behavior Society Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist. We have over 35 years of experience in animal learning and behavior modification.

We are dedicated to making a positive change between you and your pet. We are trained and certified in applying scientific principles in preventing,diagnosing and modifying behavior issues. We will give the same level of service no matter what your needs. Our pets are often regarded as valued family members and we want your bond together to be as strong as possible.


Multiple Breeds and Species

Our primary work is with dogs, cats, horses and other domestic animals of any age that exhibit serious behavior problems, such as:
  • Aggression towards people and animals
  • Separation anxiety
  • Incompatibility with other household animals
  • Defensive behavior in rescued animals
  • Phobias and compulsive behaviors
  • House-soiling
We use only humane training and behavior modification techniques. We identify the emotional causes of pet behavior problems and then help the owner learn how to modify the problem behavior.

Professional Associations




Association of Professional Dog Trainers - Dog Training Professionals