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About Animal Harmony LLC

  • Animal Harmony LLC works with clients to prevent behavior problems in young animals through socialization and good manners classes. We offer no “Board and Train” programs
  • Our primary work, however, is with dogs, cats, horses and other domestic and exotic animals that exhibit serious behavior problems, such as:
    • Aggression towards people and animals
    • Separation anxiety
    • Incompatibility with other household animals
    • Defensive behavior in rescued animals
    • Phobias and compulsive behaviors
    • House-soiling
  • We use only humane training and behavior modification techniques
  • We identify the emotional causes of pet behavior problems
  • We then help the owner learn how to modify the problem behavior

Why Animal Harmony LLC

Animal Harmony LLC Services

  • Initial free telephone interview to learn about the problem(s)
  • Homework lessons included with puppy socialization/manners programs
  • Free behavioral history sent to the owner to fill out and return
  • Depending upon the nature of the problem, we then recommend:
    • In-home consultation
    • Telephone consultation
    • A combination of phone consult and one of the in-home visit programs
  • Behavioral Report
    • In-home visit programs include a post-consult report
  • Post Consultation Support
    • All programs include six months of follow up support via either email or telephone

What if?

  • If we feel we cannot help you or that you cannot or will not be able to follow the necessary program, we will do our best to refer you elsewhere